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Re: I'm one step away from Airport

This worked!  When I get it down to a system I'll post here what
exactly I did, for other cluebots like me.
Basically, though,

xueexueg:/home/o# ifconfig eth1 netmask
xueexueg:/home/o# route add default gw dev eth1
xueexueg:/home/o# iwconfig eth1 essid ARTFL
xueexueg:/home/o# iwconfig eth1 enc ten_digits_of_hex

Thanks a lot!

Orion Buckminster Montoya
The ARTFL Project

Blake Carlson wrote:
> % ifconfig eth1 netmask
> % route add default gw dev eth1
> this adds the default route to your routing table and forwards through 
> the gateway for any address outside your subnet.  Your 
> routing table should now have two entries, one for the local net 
> ( and one for the default route (
> Give this a shot and let me know how it turns out.  BTW - it will help 
> if you start with a clean routing table so you should flush all of the 
> entries before you do the above.  If you're still having problems, be 
> sure to send output from "ifconfig -l" and "route -n" so I can see 
> what's going on.

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