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Re: trouble installing on a mac

"Michael D. Crawford" wrote:
> Well, I've made some progess.  What I needed was the file drivers.tgz,
> not either of the files driver-1.bin or driver-2.bin.  Not sure what
> they're for.
> Once I was able to install my modules, I could enable the use of the ppp
> and compression modules.
> And _somewhere_ on a web page that some helpful soul wrote, I read that
> the initial name of the provider configuration that is given in
> pppconfig must be left as "provider".  My provider is mint.net so I was
> changing the name to mint.
> But I still can't dial in.  I don't seem to get any response from the
> modem.  And by watching for the modem lights blinking, I don't seem to
> have any data transmitted to the modem (no blinking).  It's not a
> cabling problem, as I can dial in with the same setup under Mac OS 8.6
> from my 8500 (where I'm sending this mail from).
> I booted off the ramdisk, mounted my filesystems and went into a shell
> so I could look at /var/log/messages.  I saw that pppd was attempting to
> talk to the modem but was not getting any response.  I'm sorry but I
> don't have the exact text of the messages but it was something like:
> send ATZ
> expect OK
> alarm
> shortly after which it aborts.
> I looked up the modem init string from another linux installation that
> I've successfully used and ut was AT&FH0.  I tried that, and it didn't
> work either.  I don't think it's the modem init string because I'd see
> the light on the modem blink.  (It's a Hayes 56k external faxmodem).
> When the machine boots I see a message regarding the serial ports being
> detected, so the kernel does detect the serial ports.  However, if I get
> into a shell off the ramdisk and do the following:
> echo hello > /dev/ttyS1
> I don't see any blinking.  ttyS0 doesn't blink either, and ttyS2 and
> ttyS3 produce an error message about being unable to create something.
> This is on an older, "old world" mac, an 8500.  Modern macintoshes do
> not have serial ports.  Could there be either a bug in the serial
> drivers in the installation kernel, or could the support for my serial
> ports not be included in the kernel?

You might have to load the macserial driver as well from the
drivers-n-modules section.  You should be able to tell by looking to
see if ttyS shows up in /proc/devices.


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