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Which Matrox boards work?

Finding a Mac ATI card is proving very difficult in the SF Bay Area, but i
have come across a Matrx board that might be suitable.  The driver says:

   Hardware accelerated Matrox Mbillennium I, II, Mystique, G100, G200 and G400

but the Matrox website says otherwise.  This forum entry suggests either 
Millennium or Millennium 2 for Mac (but not Mac OS X)

So which cards really work under LINUX?  Are we using at the same driver
for Intel and PowerPC, with only some boards usable on a Old World Mac?  
Or do many of the Matrox cards work for either platform, but only a few are
recognized by 'Open Firmware'/MacOS?  (I could live with that, but i need
to know that's what i'm up against.)  The board in question has this data
on the box:

   Matrox G400 4MB (refurbished)
   P/N 790750 10287

According to Matrox website, this is a:

   MIL2P/4BN/20 is Millennium 2 card, 4M memory, B bulk for US, in packs of 20.

Lots of folks say that some Matrox boards can be 'flashed' from a PC BIOS
to a MacOS BIOS.  The website is unclear.  Some Matrox FAQ/Forum says it 
may be possible to flash this to MacOS and others say not.  It is not
"supported"... (But do we care?)


The real issue issue seems to be flash ROM size:


Looking at the pinouts, it appears that the 28F512 and 28F256 might be
pin compatible.  But the question is whether there are actually two
different boards being used, or the same board are the same (except
maybe for silkscreening) but are stuffed differently.  The 28F512 and
28F256 have 16 and 15 address bits, respectively, given 64KB or 32KB
of memory.  I downloaded their flash program and unpacked things,
with 'Matrox MistralDrv:2fv.1.11.00.bin' being 60KB.  So i would assume
that ROM memory is needed.

So, have people been about to run a Millennium II with a IBM BIOS?
Has anyone successfully converted a card from IBM to MacOS?  How does
one know if a Millennium II board convert without being able to examine
it physically?  Can a IBM BIOS Matrox board be used on PPC LINUX if one
has a second 'Open Firmware' board for boot/MacOS purposes?

				   -- Tovar

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