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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

--- Derrik Pates <dpates@dsdk12.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, CaRLoS mOGUeL wrote:
> > I was not using a bootstrap and it was working
> just  fine.
> Say what? So where were you installing the yaboot
> loader to?

In that time the yaboot loader was in /dev/hd8 - The
MacOS side (inside the system folder with the
yaboot.conf and the vmlinux file) ... the thing is
that now I am trying to do it the right way !!!.
> > image=hd:,\\\\vmlinux
> That's wrong. You should have a 'boot=' line that
> indicates your bootstrap
> partition, and the 'device=' and 'partition='
> options should point to the
> FS where your kernels are stored. (Or at least a
> partition number...)

somethig like this in the yaboot.conf ? ...

boot=/dev/hda6 //bootstrap partition
partition=8 // linux partition - number 7 for swap

Where do I have to copy the yaboot loader and the
yaboot.conf file ?  ... Do I have to copy just the
kernel in the linux partition (/dev/hda8)?.

> > label=vmlinux
> > root=/dev/hda10
> > append="video=atyfb:mode:800x600-8"
> Is that all you have to it?

yes ... thats all.
Thanks for the yaboot.conf file ...


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