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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, CaRLoS mOGUeL wrote:

> In that time the yaboot loader was in /dev/hd8 - The
> MacOS side (inside the system folder with the
> yaboot.conf and the vmlinux file) ... the thing is
> that now I am trying to do it the right way !!!.

Ok. That's different...

> somethig like this in the yaboot.conf ? ...
> boot=/dev/hda6 //bootstrap partition

You'll want this to be a separate 800k partition of type 'Apple_Bootstrap'
for this - if that's still your MacOS partition, that will be ugly...
(it'll wipe it out)

> device=hd:
> partition=8 // linux partition - number 7 for swap
> root=/dev/hda8

You should also have the:
lines in your yaboot.conf, so that the installer knows where the yaboot
loader binary and the ofboot bootscript generator are. (Change them to the
appropriate locations as needed.)

> append="video=atyfb:mode:800x600-8"
> read-only
> image=/vmlinux
> 	label=Linux

> Where do I have to copy the yaboot loader and the
> yaboot.conf file ?  ... Do I have to copy just the
> kernel in the linux partition (/dev/hda8)?.

You use the 'mkofboot' script, which makes a clean HFS image on the
bootstrap partition, then copies the yaboot loader, yaboot.conf, and a
generated (by ofboot) script, called ofboot.b, that generates the boot
selector (and provides a badge or icon image on newer systems that support
the Option boot selector).

As I said, read the yaboot.conf and mkofboot manpages for all the
necessary info before you do anything more. And maybe use the
'yabootconfig' script for generating the config file...

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