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Re: Sound problems

Derrik Pates <dpates@dsdk12.net> writes:

> I haven't tried VLC on anything, so I don't know about this. The
> developers of VideoLan, however, probably aren't making their client obey
> the driver's request for big-endian samples instead of little-endian
> samples.

It seems that very few programs do.  Perhaps it would be easier to
make the kernel driver accept little-endian samples, do the conversion
itself, and post those to the driver thanto go on a hunt for all the
poorly-written software out there?

> I didn't know that the PowerBook G4 also used KeyLargo. Does the Screamer
> chip in it support little-endian samples? Does anyone know?

It doesn't appear so; I hacked the kernel module so that it set the
supports little endian var to 1, but it behaved even worse then (no
sound plays at all, and arts gets all confused).

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