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Re: Sound problems

On 11 Oct 2001, John Goerzen wrote:

> It seems that very few programs do.  Perhaps it would be easier to
> make the kernel driver accept little-endian samples, do the conversion
> itself, and post those to the driver thanto go on a hunt for all the
> poorly-written software out there?

Hahahah... but seriously. I've JUST recently had this very discuccion with
some people on the linuxppc-dev list. Linus doesn't want a bunch of
reendianizing going on in the kernel, so patches that add that won't be
allowed. The plan is eventually to remove all the sample-conversion code,
and only allow the sample formats that the hardware knows, expecting
userspace to do the conversion work.

> It doesn't appear so; I hacked the kernel module so that it set the
> supports little endian var to 1, but it behaved even worse then (no
> sound plays at all, and arts gets all confused).

That's good to know.

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