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Re: More Mice & Modems

Thanks for the reply.  I will check out the archives.  However, this
is a NEW install of POTATO, and it most assuredly is biting me.
Does that change the diagnosis?
Thanks again,

Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > Also, of more immediate concern is the mouse problem.
> > Eric Deveaud said to look at "/dev/input/mice", but
> > I get "no such file".  There IS a file "/dev/usbmouse",
> > unfortunately, there is nothing in it.  Did some configuration
> > step get lost?  Installing Xwindows didn't ask very much,
> Yep: read up about the meaning of the "new input device code" in the news
> and list archives. /dev/usbmouse is dead, as is /dev/adbmouse (and there
> wasn't anything 'in' these files last time I checked anyway - please do
> also read up about what these funny files in /dev are about while you're
> researching).
> This sort of problem has been discussed to death here so I won't rehash
> it. While you're reading the list archives, pay attention to all things
> related to "Linux keycodes" as well. That's the other nightmare that might
> be waiting to happen if you don't pay attention to config prompts.
> Of course, if you did a clean install of unstable as opposed to upgrading
> from stable, none of this should bite you - please file a bug report in
> that case.
>         Michael
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