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Re: More Mice & Modems

> Also, of more immediate concern is the mouse problem.
> Eric Deveaud said to look at "/dev/input/mice", but
> I get "no such file".  There IS a file "/dev/usbmouse",
> unfortunately, there is nothing in it.  Did some configuration
> step get lost?  Installing Xwindows didn't ask very much,

Yep: read up about the meaning of the "new input device code" in the news
and list archives. /dev/usbmouse is dead, as is /dev/adbmouse (and there
wasn't anything 'in' these files last time I checked anyway - please do
also read up about what these funny files in /dev are about while you're

This sort of problem has been discussed to death here so I won't rehash
it. While you're reading the list archives, pay attention to all things
related to "Linux keycodes" as well. That's the other nightmare that might
be waiting to happen if you don't pay attention to config prompts.

Of course, if you did a clean install of unstable as opposed to upgrading
from stable, none of this should bite you - please file a bug report in
that case.


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