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Re: Mozilla problems with PPC?

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > > you should install mozilla 0.9.4-4 which is in sid.  (not woody).
> > >
> > >         Which works OK, but which, unfortunately, needs immense
> > >         amounts of RAM.
> > >
> > >         This is an especially unfortunate situation with older
> > >         machines, which frequently don't have the needed RAM (my
> > >         PowerMac 9500 only has 64MB and 64MB is "fewer" for a PowerPC
> > >         than for a x86, since the PPC binaries are usually bigger than
> > >         their x86 counterparts).
> >
> > Ebay is your friend.
> That's a real poor solution to something likely caused by feeping
> creaturism aka code bloat.

Sha.  It's a solution for only one thing, not enough memory [to make
one's computer experience a happy one.]  Having a bunch more memory
can make you happy for many other reasons besides relieving some of
the pain of mozilla, which, btw, I don't recall ever using myself,
although I do use netscape communicator, which is a memory pig of
the first order on any platform.  I'm also fairly convinced that it
is a top notch memory leaker since forever.  Getting some more
memory can make the general X experience happier as well.  Just an


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