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More Mice & Modems

OK, The system is sending noise over the
telephone line at ttyS0--thanks for all
responses.  Unfortunately, noise (as opposed to
signal) is all it seems to be sending (100% packet loss)
in spite of fooling
around with  /etc/ppp/peers/provider and /etc/resolv.conf.;
might that be the macserial.o problem?
Also, of more immediate concern is the mouse problem.
Eric Deveaud said to look at "/dev/input/mice", but
I get "no such file".  There IS a file "/dev/usbmouse",
unfortunately, there is nothing in it.  Did some configuration
step get lost?  Installing Xwindows didn't ask very much,
anyway.  And, I don't know if it's relevant or connected,
but xviddetect says it's "unable to determine driver for video card".
Any suggestions on any/all of the above would
be most gratefully appreciated.  Thanks again for
everybody's help.

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