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Re: XF86 question

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> "Paul F. Pearson" wrote:
> >
> > That was it - my mouse was configured incorrectly. Now all I have to do
> > is:
> > 1) look into what window managers are available
> I use wmaker, otherwise known as WindowMaker, because I'm a die hard
> NeXT user.  Others like sawfish and the gnome layer, and then there
> are the old standbys twm and mwmwmwm or whatever it's called.

I've actually come to like the taskbar from the M$ WinBlows world. I use
icewm on my PC at home - small and usable (pain to configure). Is there a
site to find out which wm's are available for PPC LINUX?

> > 2) get rlogin, etc. installed
> # apt-get install rsh-client

Actually, this was done for me. I was using dselect, and selected
"Install/Update" without selcting anything - it autobagically grabbed a
bunch of stuff I wanted/needed (lynx, rsh-client) as well as some stuff
that I probably will go back and remove (tetex, rsh-server, etc.) I'm
really lking the Debian packaging system much better than RPMs. I may
switch on my home machine!
> PS Get a USB card and a 3 button USB mouse.  Saved my X life.

Well, this is a stealthy install on a spare HD on a mac at work, so I
don't have alot of options for hardware upgrades. I can't justify a
3-button mouse when they think I'm use Mac OS 8.6. I found a way to map
F11 to button 2 and F12 to button 3 (by searching the mailing list

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