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New Altivec-enabled vlc available

Hi all,

I've uploaded a new Altivec-enabled version of vlc (built from the
20011004 snapshot). It is available here:


Sorry, single files only. Once I figure out how to make a apt-get'able
repository I'll clean up.

This version of vlc is able to play at full framerate essentially
without dropped frames on my TiBook/400. It has Altivec-accelerated IDCT
and Motion Compensation.

You can make this version use even less CPU, by using Michel Dänzer's
DMA patch for the R128 driver (needs DRI; i.e. 16-bit-only on the
Powerbook). However, you will see colour artefacts (blocks of pixels
have wrong colour).

I suspect that these problems are caused either by alignment problems
with buffers provided to vlc by XVideo (not beeing 16-byte-aligned for
vector ops) or with limited DMA bandwidth (not sure...). Michel?

Anyway, enjoy ;-)



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