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Re: dmasound - mixer volume sticks to zero.

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Jesse David Andrews wrote:

> My mixer volume sticks to zero, so although I have dmasound_pmac
> install, I cannot really test.
> I have a iBook (Dual USB).  I am using 2.4.10-benh.
> I used smixer to try to set the mixer volume by hand, but even after
> setting the volume to 100 or any value it drops to 0 instantly.  (same
> with kmixer, or ...)

Under Character devices/I2C support, enable the I2C KeyWest driver, and
make sure the KeyWest driver is loaded before you load the dmasound_pmac
driver. It looks like the TAS mixer driver isn't finding any I2C buses to
try to claim a node on, so it never gets a chance to register itself andd
actually control the mixer.

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