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dmasound - mixer volume sticks to zero.

My mixer volume sticks to zero, so although I have dmasound_pmac install, I cannot really test.

I have a iBook (Dual USB).  I am using 2.4.10-benh.

I used smixer to try to set the mixer volume by hand, but even after setting the volume to 100 or any value it drops to 0 instantly.  (same with kmixer, or ...)

Any ideas.

modprobe dmasound_pmac shows:
i2c-core.o: i2c core module
AE-In awacs_tumber_init
Resetting audio
address = [D995106B]
status = 1
tas3001c driver version 0. (20010812)
i2c-core.o: driver TAS3001C driver  V 0.1 registered.
AE-Init tumber mixer
PowerMac Tumbler  DMA sound driver rec 016 installed
Core driver edition 01.06 : PowerMac Built-in Sound driver edition 00.06
Write will use    4 fragments of   32768 bytes as default

lsmod shows:
Module           Size Used by
dmasound_pmac   39744  1
dmasound_core   13232  1  [dmasound_pmac]
i2c-core        14784  0  [dmasound_pmac]
soundcore        5024  3  (autoclean) [dmasound_core]

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