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Re: Little trouble with xscreensaver

    >> I have a  little trouble when I try to use  that program (from
    >> woody): if I start it the screen blank  in only a few seconds if I
    >> don't touch any key or move the mouse. Seconds, not minutes.
    >> I use kernel from benh 2.4.9. 
    >> This is my dmesg about the framebuffer

    Michel> [ snip ]

    Michel> This problem is hardly related to the framebuffer device.

I know but I can't understand why  this happens only when I try to use

    Michel> If xscreensaver blanks, it's because it thinks the configured amount of
    Michel> time has passed, so check that your clock is running fine.

My clock, for what I can  understand, works fine. I don't know exactly
what to do with frambuffer!

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