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Little trouble with xscreensaver

Ciao a tutti,

I have a  little trouble when I try to use  that program (from woody):
if I start it the screen blank  in only a few seconds if I don't touch
any key or move the mouse. Seconds, not minutes.

I use kernel from benh 2.4.9. 

This is my dmesg about the framebuffer

atyfb: 3D RAGE Mobility (AGP) [0x4c4e rev 0x64] 4M WRAM, 14.31818 MHz XTAL, 230 MHz PLL, 50 Mhz MCLK
Registered "ati" backlight controller, level: 14/15
atyfb: monitor sense=0, mode 20
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 100x37
fb0: ATY Mach64 frame buffer device on PCI

And this is the version of xscreensaver

ii xscreensaver 3.33-2

Any idea?

Email: leandro@firenze.linux.it
GPG Key fingerprint = 761A 69EA 813A CF14 FACD  1E79 AFF9 1B97 D88E 024C

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