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Re: Help:-- Beige G3 boot problem

From: "Chris Tillman" <tillman@azstarnet.com>
To: Sridhar Kodela <sridharkodela@hotmail.com>, debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: Help:-- Beige G3 boot problem
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 20:43:08 -0700

> the output of ofpath for /dev/hda6 is
>   /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:6
> now what do i need to give the arguments for the nvsetenv command?


nvsetenv /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:0

when i tried this command it gave me variable not called error. I tried nvsetenv boot-device /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:0 this did not give me the error but when I reboot I am getting

can't open: /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:0 error on a white screen (i am guessing the OF screen?)

also do I need to setup another variable I found in some documentation on the web that says boot-file?

thank you
sridhar kodela

If you get a boot: prompt, try typing Linux in response.

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