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Re: segfault in mozilla-browser-0.9.4-3 postinst

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 04:35:46PM -0700, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> > On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 09:50:26AM -0600, Jason E. Stewart wrote:
> > > So, I didn't intend to use it as a web browser, merely to test what my
> > > error was.
> > 
> On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 03:04:42PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> > running things as root should never even be on your list of things to
> > try when something is broken.  this isn't Windows NT.
> > 
> I agree with Ethan here.
> The most you should do is run the program as the user who owns the files.
> If that is root, then chown it to some other user.

such things are not needed.  man strace

strace galeon 2>&1 | egrep 'EACCES|EPERM'

more likly then permission problems is leaving cruft in your old
~/.galeon, its well known that you have to rm -rf the config files and
such that go with galeon and mozilla after upgrades since they change
things in incompatible ways frequently.

root's ~/ happens to be /root not /home/yourluser

Ethan Benson

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