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Re: segfault in mozilla-browser-0.9.4-3 postinst

"Ethan Benson" <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> > Ok. I lied, galeon only works for root. If I try to run it as a
> you should not even be trying that, ever.

Advice is good, reasons are even better. Why shouldn't I run it as root?

> > non-priveleged user I get an error dialog:
> > 
> >   Cannot find a schema for galeon preferences. Check your gconf setup,
> >   look at galeon FAQ for more info.
> > 
> > So I read the galeon FAQ and did what it said, including running
> > gconftool --shutdown, and no luck same error.
> chmod -R go=rX /etc/gconf

That's one of the things I tried. No luck same error.


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