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Re: kernel 2.4.8-apus versus 2.4.8-powerpc? devfsd?

> (a) How can I find out if devfs is compiled into the kernel I am going to
> use (I won't compile a kernel by myself yet)?

The kernel package you want to use should have the config file used to
build that kernel packaged with it. Should be in /boot/config-<version>.
Extract with dpkg --fsys-tarfile <package> | tar xvf - ./boot/config-<version>
and check for CONFIG_DEVFS*.

It appears CONFIG_DEVFS_FS is on but CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT is off in

> (a) Why can I find the kernel-images with "apt-cache ..." but not with "find
> / -name 'kernel-image*'?

Oh you sure can, if you already downloaded that package and left it where
apt-get stores the downloaded packages (/var/cache/apt/archives/). FYI:
apt-get -d install will leave the downloaded package right there.

apt-cache searches in the packages lists (in /var/lib/apt/lists) for
what's available _in the archive_. find searches your local filesystem
only. HTH.


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