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Re: 2.4.10 Lombard IDE fix (was: Re: ide disk no longer found (rsync-benh))

>Comments: simple_feature_tweak shouldn't ignore the type argument it got
>passed. And requesting macio_unknown in the heathrow IDE functions is just
>a hack really, to make macio_find not care about the particular chip
>type. The Lombard would need macio_paddington, true heathrow based
>machines will need macio_heathrow here.
>macio_find either needs to check for compatible types, or we need to add
>another set of paddington specific functions that use macio_paddington
>instead of macio_ohare above (though I guess macio_ohare won't work on
>heathrow either?). Kind of defeats the whole abstraction purpose.
>Leave it to BenH or Paulus to find a proper fix for this. I could test
>this on Lombard only, no idea what macio type the Wallstreet uses.

Actually, your fix is correct and fixes obvious typos from me ;)

simple_feature_tweak has to use the passed-in type, and passing
macio_unknown is the right fix for heathrow_ide_xxxx as this routine
is used for heathrow, gatwick and paddington.

Thanks !


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