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Re: .config for boot-floppy-hfs.img

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 10:42:31AM +0200, damsnet@free.fr wrote:
> the LinuxPPC 2000 cd is bootable on my Performa, and it shows a nice splash

i am so sick of hearing about LinuxPPC.

> screen with "Yaboot" on boot. And then I can choose graphically between

its *NOT* yaboot.

believe me i know, i am the upstream maintainer of yaboot's source
code now, yaboot does NOT have a GUI, and never has.

> different kernels by clicking them and boot. Do you think it needs some
> proprietary software to do that? The iso of this cd can be freely downloaded on
> the linuxppc site.

it requires proprietary Apple CDROM drivers which require a
distribution licence.  the only way to get this is by using a
proprietary, expensive CD burning software that only runs on MacOS, a
proprietary OS.  thats exactly what LinuxPPC did, and what Debian will

Ethan Benson

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