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Re: tuxracer...2

Michel =?iso-8859- writes:
> Jens Schmalzing wrote:
>> Michel D\344nzer writes:

>>> Which one would that be? BenH told me the offset text is caused by
>>> the dreaded (un)signed char issue.
>> Precisely that.  And therefore, it wasn't a big deal to fix.  But
>> since I made a package for my personal use out of it, why not share it
>> with others.
> Have you fixed it properly or just with -fsigned-char?


The "signed" keyword is new, added by the same committee that
came up with trigraphs. This is all about kissing IBM's butt
for EBCDIC-encrypted text on IBM mainframes and minicomputers.
Proper UNIX systems use a signed char. PowerPC Linux gets an
unsigned char from AIX, which gets it from being done by IBM.
Ugh. The proper fix involves changing your gcc spec file.

While I'm at it, PowerPC chips can handle the correct byte order.
Just set two bits in the MSR, then do sync and isync instructions.
This works for every Mac. For some of the IBM chips commonly used
in embedded systems, just set a bit in the page tables.


We bring these portability problems on ourselves. They are not
hardware limitations.

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