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Re: uname -p

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, Laurent de Segur wrote:

> IMHO, uname is not correctly implemented under Linux (version-wise for
> ports and machine/processor-wise in general.)

Again, the EXTRAVERSION=powerpc in the kernel-image-* packages has nothing
to do with uname implementation or Linux platform ports.  It is added
intentionally because those images are usually not compiled from pure
kernel.org sources; they are patched by the Debian maintainer.  Modules
use the version string to determine whether they were compiled from the
exact same source as the kernel, so it's good to add EXTRAVERSION
whenever a significant patch is applied.

When you do compile an unpatched kernel on powerpc, the version will
simply be a number, without any -powerpc or -pmac etc.  For example, my
iMac has [ `uname -r` = 2.2.19 ], since I used the plain 2.2.19 source.

The issue of 'uname -pm' is separate, and I agree with you there.

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