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Re: XFree86 update question

> Would it be worthwhile to make ADB keycodes be available, and not
> default?  Is there ANY reason not to do this?  

yes there is a good reason NOT to do this.  people should be able to
use the debian kernel config as a reference when compiling thier own
kernel from pristine sources, if debian goes screwing around with
upstream defaults like this people will get a broken locally compiled
kernel using the same .config as debian used.  that is EVIL.

if you want archaic, obsolete adb keycodes compile your own kernel
and turn that option on, or use potato.

this discussion has already happened for ECN, its already been decided
there that screwing with upstream runtime defaults is WRONG, and i
agree with them.

there is no legitmate reason for not moving to linux keycodes, if you
won't then compile your own kernel.

Ethan Benson

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