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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

> >>  Ethan, do you have any specific information on when/how HFS was corrupted?
> >
> >when you write to it.
> >
> >>  What kernel versions?
> >
> >2.*.*
> >
> >>  I've heard about this problem for a while, but I haven't seen anything that
> >>  talked about what specific operations were performed to create the
> >>corruption.
> >
> >mounting it -o rw instead of -o ro is all thats required.
> Is it a guaranteed thing?  I've been mounting a small HFS partition

Nope, but it occasionally happens for no apparent reason. Some late 2.3 or
early 2.4 version was particularly broken (copying large files to HFS ot
creating directories there was a good way to corrupt the filesystem, and
mounting a HFS CD the kernel would panic reliably). That's my experience,
YMMV, use at your own risk.

Ethan is painting the picture in stark contrast here. What's new? :-)


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