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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

Hello Ethan!

I read this mailing list for some month now and one thing that really
annoyes me is your arrogant writing style.
Looks to me that you know a lot about linux but you know nothing about politeness.

Examples: Your "famous" last three words to this discussion or the
discussion about Darwin.

> then why don't you just write a driver for it then, or shut up.

As far as I know (maybe this is not far enought for this mailing list) a
mailing list is for exchange of knowledge and ideas and for discussions
of things that pertain to a mailing list. So why do you thing you have
the right to say to someone on this mailing list "shut up".

Do you know about smileys? :-), :-(, etc. This makes live a lot easier.

Hope you think about it and don´t be too angry, but I had to say this.


Dipl. Ing. Christoph Ewering    C & E Informationsdienste GbR
0 52 54 80 68 66 oder 0173 566 266 1

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