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Re: postgresql_7.1.3-4_powerpc.changes REJECTED (fwd)

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> I don't know who did the build, but...

  Package             : postgresql
  Version             : 7.1.3-4
  Builder             : dan-voltaire
  State               : Failed
  Section             : non-US
  Priority            : optional
  Installed-Version   : 7.1.3-2
  Previous-State      : Building
  State-Change        : 2001 Sep 06 22:16:35
  Failed              :
 wish dep missing
  Notes               : out-of-date

It wasn't Dan, apparently. My last build was -2.

While Ryan is right WRT -B and -m flags, I've noticed warning messages
about missing -doc packages from buildd in the past. Some packages
apparently include the -doc packages in the changes file no matter what
the build method. So the build in question might have used -B but the
package insisted on adding a bogus -doc line anyway (postgresql 7.1.3-2
didn't; I checked that).


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