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Re: Problems Mounting HFS on Mac & Linux

Somewhat on topic:

yesterday i got a new hard disk, partitioned it exactly like my old one, and copied over the linux partitions using tar. one of the partitions on that disk was a macosHFS exchange partition, and i decided to use macos to copy the files over, mainly because i've observed the hfs support in the linux kernel to be a little buggy (sometimes hangs the machine).

so over in macos, i couldnt copy the files (i got a number of finder errors). using diskwarrior on the partition, it found probably 100 inconsistencies in the directory structure. after writing out the fixed directory, i was able to copy it over.

i guess the moral of this story is that linux hfs support is apparently not 100% correct, and you should excersise caution when writing to hfs volumes from linux.


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