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Re: Problems Mounting HFS on Mac & Linux

Individual wrote

When I did all the partitioning required for the installation of
Debian, I left a 200 MB chunk to be used as an HFS exchange volume.
... [stuff about "HD Setup"]
had to wipe out everything, etc, etc,

Fabulous piece of software innit?  On my machine, it won't create
partitions of less than 1 MB either.

so I decided to use mac-fdisk
under Linux. I created a new partition with the free space, called it "exchange" and made it of type Apple_HFS. Upon restarting into MacOS, however, it did not show up on the desktop and HD Setup does not list it as one of the partitions

Been having similar fun on my machine.  Try this (well, it worked
for me anyway):
1. start "HD Setup"
2. choose (by clicking on it, as usual) the disc volume containing
  your exchange partition
3. Choose "Update drivers" from the function menu.
4. To quote a friend of mine: "You have moved the mouse, please
  reboot the machine" (ie. you must reboot the machine before MacOS
  will see the partition).
Well, the behaviour seems to be consistent on my machine (ibook
firewire running OS9.0.4 and Debian).  This also (obviously) allows
me to swap partitions from being completely invisible to MacOS to
being visible and back without wiping the whole disc.


Kin Hoong

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