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Re: [iBook FW] Lost X with move from -3 to -4

Liam Bedford wrote:
On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 07:05:25PM -0500, Charles Sebold came forth with:

On 18 Elul 5761, Michel Dänzer wrote:

Unfortunately, noone has come up with anything but a hack about this
problem... So until it gets sorted out, people should use UseFBDev.

If one uses UseFBDev, does that mean one can't use DRI?

I ask because I too have had problems doing anything but UseFBDev, and I
haven't figured out the magic to get DRI working either (after following
the directions at dri.sourceforge.net etc. a couple of times).

(iMac DV 400, Rage128 4MB, 2.4.9pre-something-benh-something, I'm at
work right now and can't check)

Is 4M enough?

No, it's not enough... But his machine (iMac DV 400, summer 2000) has 8 megs, just like my iMac. And DRI does work (only at 16bpp though, not enough vram for 1024x768@24bpp + memory for textures)

I got it to work eventually, but it requires 16bpp, and one of the older
revisions of 2.4.8 made colours go very strange.

It is working now (on the iBook2), I can send you the config I use if you

I have a XF86Config on my website for the iBook2, just merge with the one for the iMac also on my website:

and http://hadess.net/files/ppc/imac/XF86Config.imacDV2k


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