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Re: A couple of more issues...

In debian.powerpc, ldesegur@mac.com wrote:
>No, I didn't. Thanks for pointing that problem to me. How come was I able to
>install xfree86 with out being warn about not selecting xserver? Does that
>mean that I need to select the individual xfree86 packages manually? This
>would be really hard to remember all the names of various packages if it was
>the case. I probably misunderstood something.

X has two sides: server side and client side. The system running the
display, with the mouse and keyboard, is the server side (it's providing
the display, mouse and keyboard to other systems.) The system running
the actual X software is the client side (it's using the display, mouse
and keyboard provided by the server.)

When you install an X program, you're installing a piece of client
software. It is perfectly legitimate (if increasingly rare) to run
that program on a system that does not have an X server installed. In
such a situation, the program is displayed remotely, on a different

Having the client side depend upon the server side (xserver-xfree86) is
just plain wrong. I'll willingly accept that *most* people will have an
X server installed along with the X client software, but as I said -- it
is completely legit to not do things this way. At *best*, the client side
software could suggest the X server packages. Recommends would also be
wrong, as dselect treats recommendations like dependancies.

>When I do apt-get install xserver-xfree86, I get a nasty string during
>installation that shows in the dialog next to ok, stating that 'Failed to
>open configuration file /etc/exim/exim.conf'. I think that I read this in
>another message. Not sure what is causing it.

Is exim (or some other mail server package) installed and configured

>I got my XF86Config-4 file from someone who's got the same iBook 2001. When
>I do a startx, the error message I get is: no screens found. The log stated
>that Screen(s) found but none have a usable configuration (!) I checked that
>my screen was set correctly for this machine and it seems like it. FYI, I
>run the xfree86 from Woody (4.0.3). Has anyone with a similar machine ran
>into that problem?

Yup. I had a *lot* of trouble getting X to run; it worked on one particular
kernel, but when I compiled another kernel, it didn't. Turned out that the
solution was:

  * Compile the kernel with framebuffer support, and support for the
    Rage 128.
  * DO *NOT* use the "video=ofonly" startup option, either in the kernel's
    startup options, or in yaboot.conf.
  * Configure X to use the Rage 128 driver, without the framebuffer
    option. (IIRC. If that doesn't work, try it with the framebuffer

If you're still having trouble getting X to work, email me, and I'll send
you my XF86Config-4; I'll vouch for the fact that it works fine with the
first two configuration options outlined above. (It was the second that did
it for me -- X wouldn't start, I got rid of "video=ofonly", and X started
quite happily.)

Hope this helps,


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