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Re: divx

Michel Dänzer wrote:
Bjoern Berg wrote:

On Montag, 3. September 2001 09:13  Michel  Le Cocq wrote:

Hello everybody
I just want to play divx on debian, because i don't like to play it
on mac os 9....
i just wait your answer.

What do you expect from us? Do you want to know what programs you can use?
Or what?

If it's this them download xmps and the codecs. Search at google for
divx-codecs. There I found the right ones for xmps and it runs fine!

Are you sure you're talking about powerpc here? I've never gotten xmps to
work, and AFAIK it only plays DivX through Win32 codecs...

I can basically play DivX (with sound distortion for some files) with mplayer
using ffmpeg. Be warned that it's a major hassle to set up.

I managed to get xmps to work when it was released to be usable with OpenDivX, but it only played OpenDivX files and crashed/didn't work most of the time.

xine kinda works, but seems very slow (g3 400 w/ 320 megs), and crash all too often (doesn't seem to be a ppc only issue, buffer handling apparently). mplayer didn't want to demux the divx files I gave it. GStreamer still has issues with the demuxing as well, and is being worked on.

/Bastien Nocera

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