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woody installation confusion


After having read a lot of previous posts on this list and some amount of
documentation, I have to admit that I am quite confused about the installation
of woody on my TiBook.

In "Re: tiBook(Titanium), Debian install problems (mac-fdisk, 30GB)" I've read
that the root disk in woody is being corrupt at the moment, when written into the
1.44MB image. But, if I want to install from harddisk, does this also belong
to me? I dont think that there is any 1.44MB restriction on my HD (it's been
to expensive for such a small amount of space ;) ). So I just need to download
the kernel, yaboot, yaboot.conf and root.bin?

I've also read that there is no base system package like in potato (except the one Ethan Benson created, but penguin.ppc is down..), and someone told me to mirror the base packages on my harddisk, though I don't know which packages I have to donwload for this? I don't have a very good dial-up connection, so I am not able to donwload mb's of packages just for fun :(.

Or would it be recommended at the moment to install potato base and then
dist-upgrade? Michel told me that the woody boot floppies are quite better than
the potato ones, so I focuesd on installing woody directly.

BTW: Does there already exist an installation manual for woody like the ones
for potato?

Kind regards,

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