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Re: downgrade sid to woody?

Kevin van Haaren <kevin@vanhaaren.net> writes:

> I messed up my machine a couple of times running unstable (huh,
> wonder why they call it that 8-) anyway I want to downgrade to just
> woody.  I dug through the apt-get and dselect man pages and didn't
> see a way to do this.  Is it enough to remove the unstable
> references in sources.list and run upgrade?  or will that leave some
> of the unstable packages in place?

Apt won't install older packages unless you use its "pinning" feature.
See apt_preferences(5).  Be sure to use a downgradable priority
(i.e. >= 1000).  Note that downgrading is not supported in the Debian
system, although it should work for most packages.

This question is more suitable for -user, by the way.

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