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Re: downgrade sid to woody?

Hi Kevin,

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 08:08:04AM -0500, Kevin van Haaren wrote:

> ................. Is it enough to remove the unstable references 
> in sources.list and run upgrade?  


>...................or will that leave some of the 
> unstable packages in place?

AFAIK all of them. APT uses the newest versions it can get, as I
experienced lots of times in the past jumping between woody and potato
and, more seldom, sid and woody.

I'd a similar problem in the past and found no practicable solution :-(.

The only thing I found was the command

    dpkg -i --force-downgrade <package>

with the result it comments the installation of the woody-version of
the package but dpkg -s <package> gave the version of sid further on.
So, for short I'm not really shure even if this worked in my case
downgrading just a package from sid to woody. With the former problem 
downgrading the whole from sid to woody I did a new installation of my 
system (56k-modem :=((( ).

Hope anybody else has better hints.( ;-) )



Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@eunet.at

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