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Re: downgrade sid to woody?

On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 16:08, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> I messed up my machine a couple of times running unstable (huh, 
> wonder why they call it that 8-) anyway I want to downgrade to just 
> woody.  I dug through the apt-get and dselect man pages and didn't 
> see a way to do this.  Is it enough to remove the unstable references 
> in sources.list and run upgrade?  or will that leave some of the 
> unstable packages in place?

IANADD*, so I am not In The Know(tm) on this, but I assume apt and
dselect work by comparing package versions. So just changing the stuff
in sources.list probably puts you up in the situation where upgrading
the system makes apt think "Hmm, he already has newer stuff installed
than what I see on the ftp site..".

So I guess one would need to have something like dist-downgrade, but I
have no clue if that is possible. Maybe someone In The Know(tm) would
know better?


* IANADD = I Am Not A Debian Developer :o)
:: :: Tuomas Kuosmanen  :: Art Director, Ximian :: ::
:: :: tigert@ximian.com :: www.ximian.com       :: ::

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