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airport - searching for documentation

Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 11:35:59 +0200
From: Michael Flaig <mflaig@uni.de>
To: DebianPPC <debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org>
Subject: Airport :-) and :-(
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Hi there!

The Base Station and Card arrived yesterday.

Under MacOS ... I have configured the Base Station. It worked.
The Card could find the Airport Base Station.

Well I have Problems understanding Airport System.

MacOS didn´t help me because everything is hidden, so the user doesn´t have to know.

I configured AirPort base station to be ( it took my ethernet settings.) is the gateway. Internet wasn´t a Problem, it worked immediately.
the linux box worked as the router / gateway to the internet ... 

But now under Linux nothing works - nothing is configured for now ... ;)

I have a little Problem with the Java Airport Base Station Configurator : it needs java ;)
Have no Java installed, tried to install from deb ... there aren´t packages - ok downloaded tar.gz but doesn´t work.
Are there inofficial debian java2 packages ?

Generally I´m searching for documentation. Has anybody docu about:
- getting the card to work
- how does the base station work

do i have to put the airport network in its own address range ?
so do i have to put it to and put it at a seperate network card ?
want to make host to network vpn later ...

my hardware is 
pismo with airport card ... kernel 2.4.9 ... aiport module loaded with modconf 
airport base station plugged into hub.
gateway ( x86 ) ... with nat to the internet ...

network is

thanks for your help ...



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