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Re: mac-fdisk trouble on G4 double disk

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From: Andrew Sharp <andy@netfall.com>
To: Georg Koss <g.koss@eunet.at>
Cc: <debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 10:43 PM
Subject: Re: mac-fdisk trouble on G4 double disk

> Georg Koss wrote:

> > 
> > mac-fdisk wasn't able to recognize my hda-size correct (gave round
> > 511GB fo a 10G Drive).
> > 
> > When I run the install menu on official-binary-1, I will be asked to
> > initialize /dev/hda1 as swap, dev/hda2 as root and dev/hda3 as what
> > ever.
> > 
> > A mac-fdisk from the shell gives me the same output as I wrote for the
> > initial mac-fdisk output.
> I thought that there was a way to tell mac-fdisk the correct size of
> the disk, overriding the detected size (the size detection bug is
> fixed in later versions of mac-fdisk I'm told, but that doesn't help
> if you're trying to boot off of those CDs).  I know you can at the
> point where you intitialize a new partition map, it tells you what
> it thinks is the size of the disk, and you can hit return to accept
> that or type in what you think is the size.  Just look at the boot
> messages to see the correct size to type in.

i determined the correct number of blocks on installation in this way:

cylinders x heads x sectors - 1

and get so the same number of blocks as macos9.1 initialized...
i hope it was correct as i got problems on installation...


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