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Re: mac-fdisk trouble on G4 double disk

Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all!
> I'm intending to install Debian 2.2.r3 on my second HD.
> Short description of my system:
> G4 - two HD - primary boots _ultra1_ (Debian/Woody).
> Changed original CD-ROM/DVD to CD-RW Plextor.
> What I did on ultra0 until now:
> mac-fdisk which gave me the following partition-table:
> dev/hda1   Apple_Partition_Map Apple     (31.5k)   63@1       System
> dev/hda2   Apple_Bootstrap     bootstrap (800k)  1600@64      unknown
> dev/hda3   Apple_Unix_SVR2     GNU/Linux (9.3)  19529728@1664 Linux native
> dev/hda4   Apple_Free          Extra     (479.0k) don't rememberFree Space
> mac-fdisk wasn't able to recognize my hda-size correct (gave round
> 511GB fo a 10G Drive).
> When I run the install menu on official-binary-1, I will be asked to
> initialize /dev/hda1 as swap, dev/hda2 as root and dev/hda3 as what
> ever.
> A mac-fdisk from the shell gives me the same output as I wrote for the
> initial mac-fdisk output.

I thought that there was a way to tell mac-fdisk the correct size of
the disk, overriding the detected size (the size detection bug is
fixed in later versions of mac-fdisk I'm told, but that doesn't help
if you're trying to boot off of those CDs).  I know you can at the
point where you intitialize a new partition map, it tells you what
it thinks is the size of the disk, and you can hit return to accept
that or type in what you think is the size.  Just look at the boot
messages to see the correct size to type in.

Do that from the shell before it starts the part of the install
where it wants to partition the disk.


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