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Re: New: installation on g4

>Ethan Benson

>woody boot-floppies take care of all these steps for you  with its
>make system bootable step, they are only required on potato, another
>reason not to use potato bootfloppies, unless you really want to run
>potato (i only know of 2 or 3 people that do).

yes i think i have to get a set of woody cd-images, but i can't poll them
with my poorly 64kbit ISDN.. so i look for a distibutor.. most of them have
only potato-images...

booting a floppy isn't possible because g4-400pci neither have a floppy
build-in nor a controller onboard and i don't have any external fdd's for

i think a possibility would be to install a nfs-server on one of my
linux-pc's, download base-system and other needed from potato and woody and
install it after booting potato-cd via nfs to compare the image i got from
cd and the results under woody-basesystem...

the errors in libc.so.6 after booting the installed basesystem doesn't seem
to be a known problem, so either my cd-set is broken or there's something
wrong with my hardware. i'm using linux for nearly 3 years on pc, but i
don't know this problem there..


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