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Trashed audio out on Tumbler (iBook audio device) when samples are little endian - fixing it now

I've got an audio CD playing bvia XMMS with the xmms-cdread plugin now.
The rev 2 iBook (with FireWire) also can NOT play little-endian samples,
so they have to be reordered in drivers/sound/dmasound/trans_16.c. I am
adding the code to do this now (and also to flag anything with KeyLargo
Rev. 2 or newer (FireWire iBooks have rev. 3) as not able to do the
byteswap in hardware. I will have a diff soon.

Derrik Pates      |   Sysadmin, Douglas School   |    #linuxOS on EFnet
dpates@dsdk12.net |     District (dsdk12.net)    |    #linuxOS on OPN

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