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Re: powerbook titanium

James Maitland Chapman <jmc00u@cs.nott.ac.uk> writes:

> I have a 500MHz titanium with 512Mb RAM.
> I am intending to install base from powerpc binary-1 potato, and
>then upgrade to unstable.
> With the cd in the drive i booted the machine pressing 'c' whilst it
> boots, all I get is a white screen and nothing happens...

Just to make this explicit, hold down Command-Option-o-f to get into
Open Firmware, then type:

boot cd:\yaboot

at the prompt.  This will take you to the yaboot prompt.  At that,

debian video=ofonly

Passing the "video=ofonly" option to the kernel is the critical part.

This should all be in the archives, by the way.

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