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Woody install problem with b-f 3.0.7

Dear all,

Trying to install woody 3.0.7 I got a 
  mount -t proc proc /proc
failed error message.

I studied the mailing lists of the previous month and found the following:

Ethan Benson wrotes:
> On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 12:09:56PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote
> > 
> > First, I know there's a later version of boot floppies (version 3.0.7), but
> > I'm in the middle of an install, working with what I've got...The install
> > fails at the part where it's supposed to mount /proc, with this message:
> > failed to mount -t proc proc /proc. The reason: /proc is already mounted.
> no thats not the reason. debootstrap is mounting /target/proc not
> /proc.  the message is misleading.  that is fixed in 3.0.7.

Well, I double checked if I am really using 3.0.7 to be sure. However, in my case it does not seem to be fixed. Or is it a new error just looking like the previous one? Does anybody have an idea how get around this problem?



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