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More info on modem problem

/dev/ttyS0 exists and is valid...

In one window i 'cat'ed /dev/ttyS0 and in another window I ran minicom.
the cat window displays all the stuff that minicom sends to it, and
responds just fine, minicom gets all the modem reponses.  ok thats all
well and good.

Now, I ran wvdial, with the cat window still opened.  wvdial sends the
ATZ, the modem reponds with an OK (as seen from cat /dev/ttyS0), but
wvdial never sees the OK.  Its as if the OK gets lost on its way between
wvdial and /dev/ttyS0.

Ive tried dumping the wvdial that came with woody, and compiled it from
source, but that didnt help.

Anyone have any clue whatsoever about why wvdial is losing its OKs?

This one has totally stumped me...


Gaby Levinson 			
Senior Student Consultant
Student Technology Services
The Johns Hopkins University 

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