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Trouble starting X on Nubus system

	I have a 8100/80 powermac which I was running MKLinux
successfully on for a while. After comming across the 2.4
kernels that support the Nubus architecture on sourceforge
(nubus-pmac-sf.net) I tried to install Potato on the same
system. I did a fresh install and everything worked fine.
I set up X (3.3.6?) to use the frame buffer server, but
when I try to start X i get the following error:

fbdevScreenInit: Unable to set screen parameters (invalid arguments)

We tried setting the screen parameters manually with fbset(?)
and it didn't accept any of them.

	Has anyone had similar problems and know how to solve this one?

The kernel is 2.4.0-test13-pre2 ppc [ELF]
System 8100/80, video card is whatever comes with those types of macs.
Booted using MKlinux booter, with no kernel parameters

Joel Therrien

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