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Re: package management

Well, the problem with upgrading one or two packages is that you run into 
dependencies problems: if you upgrade something simple, but it requires a new 
version of a library that isn't quite compatible with an older library that 
some other non-upgraded software depends on, you've got problems. 

Hope this helps...


On Thursday 19 July 2001 22:56, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> I run stable on my box, but i want one or two packages from testing.
> What's the best way to maintain this kind of setup?  Currently I use
> dselect to get any updates/security releases to packages.
> Am I correct in assuming that if I just list testing in my
> sources.list the next time i run dselect it'll want to upgrade all
> the packages I have installed (that have upgrades available)?
> kevin

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