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Re: stuff i don't know

Noah John wrote:
> Hi again...  I have some problems, and I need a little help.. (nothing
> hard).
> 1.  Is there a PDF viewer included in potato?  how do i tell x to use it to
> open pdfs when i double click them?
> 2.  I have an iMac DV SE (graph).  I must use modprobe dmasound to get any
> sound.  This allows xmms to play mp3s, but not cds (it loads and plays, but
> no music), nor will the utility named "CD Player" allow music (same as
> xmms).  Is there a way i can set this to stay on, and is there a way to get
> my cds playing?

I always forget how to do this.  You need to add yourself (the user that
wants to hear audio) to the audio group (I think).  check the list
archives (debian-user as well) this problem pops up a lot.

> 3.  How do I get rid of items that have been placed on the toolbar at the
> bottom of the desktop?  Assuming I haven't tried anything (cause i can't
> right click and such).  If all i have to do is right click tell me how to
> set a one button mouse to do that...
> 4.  How do i get the games in gnome to work?  Right now I have to hunt
> through the file manager...  Is there a way to get them to open when i
> select them in the debain menu?
The rest of your questions sound like Gnome questions (except the one
button thing but I don't know how to fix that) so you should sign up to
the gnome list and ask there. 


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