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stuff i don't know

Hi again... I have some problems, and I need a little help.. (nothing hard).

1. Is there a PDF viewer included in potato? how do i tell x to use it to open pdfs when i double click them?

2. I have an iMac DV SE (graph). I must use modprobe dmasound to get any sound. This allows xmms to play mp3s, but not cds (it loads and plays, but no music), nor will the utility named "CD Player" allow music (same as xmms). Is there a way i can set this to stay on, and is there a way to get my cds playing?

3. How do I get rid of items that have been placed on the toolbar at the bottom of the desktop? Assuming I haven't tried anything (cause i can't right click and such). If all i have to do is right click tell me how to set a one button mouse to do that...

4. How do i get the games in gnome to work? Right now I have to hunt through the file manager... Is there a way to get them to open when i select them in the debain menu?

thanx.  more to follow, i'm sure, but i'm ok right now.
:P jeers
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